Kelly Anne Pipe

SJU What's Open When

Design and development, user testing, responsive design

For a number of years, we ran a “What’s Open When” section of our portal, which was manually updated by a member of my team whenever a holiday or break was upcoming. This manual process wasn’t especially difficult, but it was certainly time consuming. The final product was also a simple table. I saw that there was an opportunity to create a tool that could be updated by those making the schedules, and which could provide much better information to the end user.

This project heavily utilizes one of my favorite Wordpress plugins, Advanced Custom Fields. I utilized Roots as a starting theme, customizing some of the standard Bootstrap colors and styling.

Editing UI

Each location is a post in this system, and each post has a number of custom fields - a place to show an external schedule rather than the default hours, a place to indicate if a location is closed for an extended period of time (over the Christmas holiday, for example), and a place to put the normal and any special holiday hours.

WOW User Interface