Kelly Anne Pipe

SJU Magazines

Design and layout, content management, web branding

The Online version of our magazine is built using the Beaver Builder theme and plugin, allowing for page-level customization. This approach was taken to allow our designers to easily adjust the layout for specific featured articles, as needed.

Custom Article Layouts

Using the Page Builder tool enabled me to deliver a number of custom layouts, really making each article shine. I created three different base layouts that can be applied to new articles, and each base article template has a number of customizable areas, allowing us to drop in additional quotes, media, or other rich content elements.

For special articles such as our yearly “Outcomes” piece, the content of the base template can be completely removed and a totally custom page can be developed. The outcomes article I have presented below is an example of this; I was able to create an online version of the beautifully designed print piece, allowing visitors to consume the data in an engaging way no matter what medium they are accessing it with.