Kelly Anne Pipe

SJU Homepage

Design and layout, content management, web branding, UX and UI

The SJU Homepage has gone through a number of iterations since it was initially launched in 2012, helping us to keep it fresh without going through a whole redesign. The biggest pieces of this redesign happened in 2015 and 2016.

Summer 2015 - Redesign

The redesign in 2015 involved the creation of a number of content types and custom blocks, introducing features such as the animated “By the Numbers” section and a full screen video (with photo fallback) hero.


I was responsible for two variations of this design. An initial concept was created, and utilizing the feedback that we received from a number of on-campus presentations, the current design was finalized.

This is built on Drupal, the main content management for the university website, and I was able to create custom Views, modules, and templates to support the design.

Summer 2016 - Re-Architecture

We took advantage of the summer season in 2016 to do a complete re-architecture of the main menu, creating or redesigning landing pages which matched the homepage redesign that had been delivered in 2015. The menu items were chosen based on research of our peer institutions as well as feedback collected from user interviews.

My team was tasked by the president of the university to “Fix the Website”. At that time, my team had been discussing some plans to make some larger-scale improvements to the design of some top-level pages and especially to the main site navigation, so we took advantage of this directive to begin implementing these ideas.

Because I work on such a small team, I had a hand in every aspect of this project - from content management through design, development, and into user testing and roll-out.