Kelly Anne Pipe

SJU Campus Map

Design and development, user testing, performance optimization

Redesign of main campus map, including development of custom Wordpress backend and integration with the Google Maps API. Released in Spring of 2015 as a replacement for former map feature.

There were a few iterations of the design; initially the design was based more heavily on Bootstrap, but I decided to simplify, making an over-all easier navigation experience and a faster load.

Each location is a single post item with a number of custom fields. I configured Wordpress to write a json object of all locations when any single post is edited and saved. The front-end is a custom map utilizing the Google Maps API, consuming the JSON object that has been generated by Wordpress.

I utilized the HTML5 Blank theme as a starting point, which also opened up the ability to use gulp, SASS, and some basic code linting.

Code Samples